Closing Chapters (2022)
The Colombo Project (2019)
Let there be Light (2018)
The Colombo Project (2016)
Permutations and Possibilities (2018)
Women, Culture and Religion (2016)

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to visual mediums. Whether it was my own interest in painting, that later evolved into photography, and then to moving images. Today I like to embrace technology to create experiential and larger than life artworks that are placed both in reality and magic.

Using still images, time-lapse photography, animation and film, the installation, ‘The Colombo Project’ (2016) hoped visitors could experience Colombo’s potential as a vibrant metropolitan. ‘The Colombo Project’ is an ongoing endeavour that started taking shape a decade ago, and evolves as I evolve, and the city evolves.

Research is a key element of my artistic practice. And I work collaboratively with my subjects, other artists and researchers to help me broaden my perspective on themes I’m passionate about.


‘Closing Chapters,’ Colomboscope, Sri Lanka (2022)

The Colombo Project (2019)

Let There Be Light (2018)

Permutations and Possibilities, Open Studio (2018)

‘The Colombo Project (2016)

Women, Culture and Religion,’ Women and Media Collective, Sri Lanka (2016)

‘Working Women,’ Women and Media Collective, Sri Lanka (2014)