18th October 2015

Capturing Her Vision : Interview in Sunday Leader

Aamina Nizar is making a name for herself in the competitive industry of photography in Sri Lanka. In an industry mostly dominated by men,  Aamina holds her ownMore

26th June 2014



From Left to Right: Isura Silva, Shamal Boyagoda, Dr Harsha De Silva, Trishma Pinto (compere), Aman Ashraff, Aamina Nizar and Lonali Rodrigo











One of the five speakers invited to present at TEDx Colombo 2014. In her speech “Telling a Story” Aamina explored the false sense of reality created by commercial photography, and how people need to start re-evaluating their world without the masks created by photography and digital manipulation. Watch video here.

19th January 2014


A day in the Life of a Freelance Photographer : Interview in the Ceylon Today

Aamina Nizar’s passion was painting and writing, until she fell in love with photography. After completing her undergraduate studies in journalism and mass media in Mumbai, India, she worked under a renowned product photographer for six months, before it was time for her to move back to Sri Lanka.  More

Celebrating Role Models Day 10: Aamina Nizar

Aamina Nizar profile pic