Aamina is a freelance photographer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media from Sophia College, Mumbai, India.  She trained to be a commercial photographer under celebrated Indian photographer Ian Pereira, and has been working as a photographer collectively for nine years.

Her work covers travel, documentary, jewellery, and product photography and consists of an extensive portfolio of India and Sri Lanka.

She is also a history buff and has even spent three years teaching the subject to middle school children.

Creative and documentary projects

In 2016 her work was selected for Cinnamon Colomboscope, Colombo’s most prestigious art festival.  Together with Megara Tegal, their installation titled  ‘The Colombo Project,’  explored the ‘digital divide’ among different socioeconomic groups in Colombo. Using photography, film and art, their installation focused on the residents along the Kirulapone Canal, how they physically and virtually interacted with each other, and the role of social media in their lives.

In 2014, she was invited to speak at TEDx Colombo. In her speech “Telling a Story” she explored the false sense of reality created by commercial photography, and how people need to start re-evaluating their world without the masks created by photography and digital manipulation.

She was a photographer for The Picture Press, a curated photojournalism website where images and compelling narratives are used to discuss development issues facing Sri Lanka and South Asia.

In 2013, her work was featured in ’30 Years Ago’ a project by Groundviews which was created to remember Black July and how Sri Lanka was impacted in the years that followed. Her feature looked at how communities in some parts of the country (Meemure and Pudukudyirippu)  lived with no access to electricity or information technology, and how this could affect their views of the world and access to knowledge.

For her personal work,  travels and insights check her blog and flickr



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